Bakeries - Pastry Shops

Fitting out a bakery with the right furniture

In recent years, bakeries have converted into trendy design sales spaces and, for this reason, they require an in-depth planning in order to win consumers’ heart. Groppo, which has arranged, inter alia, the points of sale and furnishings of the French prestigious brand Paul as well as several Eataly stores, manufactures bakery furniture suitable for any contemporary furniture solutions.    

Shop windows and exhibition spaces, back counter area and first-class details in the selection of materials or in the quality of finishes, Groppo leaves nothing to chance in order to enhance your products and will help you to make the most suitable bar/shop according to your needs starting with bakery furniture representing the perfect combination between aesthetics and innovation.  

Furniture solutions for pastry shop

Specialised in shop-fitting, Groppo deals with making tailor-made pastry shop furniture with woodcrafts or metalworking that allow to get fashionable, versatile and functional spaces. The use of innovative combinations of quality raw materials, such as glass, wood, and steel, enables to give the maximum prominence to design and eventually to develop pastry shop furniture capable of stunning your customers.  

The attention to aesthetics and the in-depth study of details have allowed Groppo to manufacture tailor-made pastry shop furniture without ever losing the sight of the artisanal tradition that has always represented its own trademark. Whether it be an artisanal pastry shop, a point of sale within large retail stores or a bakery aiming at expanding its business, Groppo always guarantees a flawless support, which continues even upon completion of shop-fitting in order to meet all your needs.